And this is where I think the divergence often occurs. Indeed, my hesitance to say that CNN or MSNBC have liberal bias has been the most criticized part of this article, since I wrote it. It really depends on what one means by “liberal bias.”

Now, I agree completely that CNN and MSNBC have bias. I just do not think it is liberal bias. I think it is corporatist bias. Your anecdote might seem like an example of liberal bias, especially in isolation. I keep the broader picture of 2016 in mind, when I look at that. CNN and MSNBC did not only favor Hillary over Trump. They also favored Hillary over Bernie. Why? Because both Bernie and Trump were anti-establishment and not going to dump millions of dollars into CNN and MSNBC. Trump was going get on for free by saying crazy stuff, and Bernie was going to change campaign finance laws, to stop it altogether.

I do not think Hillary was their candidate of choice for any political agenda they had, but she did fit into their business model better than either of the two. Also, Hillary was never a liberal, and running against Trump did not magically make her one.

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