Good piece. I see that you cited my own! Thanks for that.

I’d like to focus on this section and expand on it with some educated guesses.

To be sure, there are plenty of dangers in the urban jungle, including more exposure to violent crime and traffic accidents.

I suspect that the higher rates of violent crime are probably found in the poorer neighborhoods of the city. Often, they are the places where the working-class people of color live. I suspect that they, living in a more dangerous environment, also have harsher penalties for misbehaving children too. It is worth noting that African-American culture is, to a large extent, a subset of Southern American culture, which is a very rural culture in general, and when African-Americans migrated North and West into the cities during the Twentieth Century, they brought a lot of that culture with them.

What is the point I am making? Where you might see a lot of corporal punishment in urban America is the exception that proves the rule. It is a preservation of rural values that have, in a sense, been mummified by certain aspects of urban life, whereas people and their values are usually morphed by the process of urbanization. In this case, it preserved it in a unique way.

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