So, if you don’t like a movie, its “diverse” characters are tokenism?

No, didn’t say that. I said if creators are unable to make good films (or other forms of media) while having a diverse team, then that is tokenism. Real inclusivity should mean minorities get to be in the good stuff too, not just the white people.

No, she didn’t have to be of Asian descent, but is it so terrible that she is?

No, and I never said that was terrible in the first place.

Would the movie have been better were she not in it?

Yes. As I explained, she was a waste of writing. Rose had no use in that movie.

Or just if she had been played by a fiery redhead?

This would not have helped.

I’m also baffled by your assessment of the Jurassic World films. Not sure how you can say that it was neither controversial

The reaction to this film was heavily more positive than we saw with TLJ. It may be true that you can’t make everyone happy, but to say that JW was controversial is inaccurate.

nor had a strong woman when the first features Claire in heels (which was a point of ample online discussion), and the second with her handling a truck with James Bond skills.

Until the second one, she was a fairly typical, female archetype, though. It wasn’t controversial.

Plus, a strong animal-rights plotline. You really think there isn’t a leftist approach there?

No. It’s in keeping with the theme of the Jurassic Park series and borrows (perhaps too heavily) from the The Lost World in this respect: Don’t exploit the dinosaurs for corporate greed, because we can’t handle them. The corporation that gets it comeuppance because its lack of boundaries is a very old trope by now, hardly an aspect of the recent politicization of pop culture.

Whenever I read these complaints about gender in science fiction, I gotta wonder what the author thinks about Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor… two badass female characters who are well-written and central to the plot. But by your last line, I’m guessing you don’t think Alien or Terminator are good movies… is that because they star women?


They are fantastic movies. In fact, Ripley was an example of a female lead done right that floated through my mind as I wrote this.

I think your closing statement and question (as well as all of your other questions) indicate that you are taking a very reactionary stance to what I wrote and not really paying attention to what I have actually said. It does not seem to occur to you that I might have ended with a hyperbole and not actually meant that every film that stars a female is bad.

Moreover, the fact that I am male seems to matter to you. It was one of the first things you mentioned, but it is easily the most irrelevant detail on which to zero-in, of the many details in this entire article. If what I am saying is wrong, then the fact that I am male has no bearing on that. I really have to wonder how you might have responded if this were an anonymous piece, or if I operated under a female pen name.

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