The World Is Getting Better

Analyzing the 100th anniversary of The Great War’s end

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Source: Carol M. Highsmith, Library of Congress

There is a plain of dirt and sand

That once was green and lively land,

Whose beauty now is all concealed

By scars of war that went unplanned.

Now take a look, as silence hangs;

Take in the lack of deadly bangs,

For while the strife has come to yield

Inside we hear our quakes and pangs.

What do we now? We are perplexed,

For we found custom in the next,

And our foes too, who stand revealed,

Are by this dizziness annexed.

Take off your helmets by the straps,

And have a meal in town with chaps.

Observe the sprout, not far afield,

As all will heal with time’s elapse.

I discuss politics, economics, art, video games, and other interests.

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